Cryptologic Solitaire Games

The world's most popular computer card game now has a new variation. Cryptologic's solitaire game introduces a new twist on the traditional game, making it sure to be one of the next big online casino games.

The Original Rules

Almost everyone who has ever owned a computer has played the version of solitaire that comes complete with every operating system. Players are given cards dealt into seven columns with each column having progressively more cards hidden underneath. Players flip over cards from the general stack and if the card shown has a lower value and opposite color, they place it on the columns. The goal is to uncover all the cards and move them in suit and number order up to the suit stacks at the top of the game.

Solitaire Vegas Style

Cryptologic's version of the game rewards players for each card that is successfully moved to the suit stack. Before play, the players purchase the deck. Since there are 52 cards, that means there is a minimum 52 coin bet. As players build on their suit stacks beginning with the aces, they get a small amount back for each of these cards. Each card put into the suit stack nets four coins. That means a player only has to move thirteen cards to the suit stack to break even. Anything beyond those thirteen cards is a win.

Players are able to access a version of this game in their traditional solitaire games. The "Vegas" version of solitaire gives an approximation of the game, but only when played at online casinos with Cryptologic software can they hope to really win big.